Gym Ball – 65cm

The 65cm Gym Ball is generally suitable for height 5’7″ – 6’1″ (170cm – 185cm)

55cm 65cm 75cm Pvc Colorful Exercise Gym Yoga Ball With Air Pump

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65cm Anti-burst Stability Gymnastic Exercise Yoga Balance Ball

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Adidas 65cm Gym Ball

The adidas 65cm Gym Ball is ideal for a variety of exercises to train the entire body. It is great for developing core strength and stability along with balance and flexibility.Complete with a hand pump,...

Adidas Gym Ball - 65cm

The 65cm adidas gym ball is ideal for toning and strengthening your core. Highly versatile, the gym ball can be used for countless exercises to help you reach your fitness goals. It is also for rehabilitation...

Anti Burst Eco Exercise Yoga Fitness Swiss Gym Ball 65cm

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Eco-friendly gymnastics exercise training 65cm gym yoga ball

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Gray 65cm gym yoga exercise gym ball

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Gymnic Fit-Ball - Anti Burst Gym Ball For Strength & Conditioning & Core Exercises - 65cm

The Gymnic exercise Fit-Ball is the ideal way to make your strength and conditioning workouts more challenging in a way which is fun and engaging. The exercise ball is made from a durable, lightweight...

Pido 65cm PVC massage yoga ball anti brush for exercise and gym

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