How will the Gym Ball help me?

How will a gymball help me?As with all exercising, do check with your doctor before beginning.

The focus of exercises using an exercise ball is the core body muscles, which are the back muscles and abdominal muscles.

The key benefit of using a Gym ball to exercise is that your body automatically balances to stabilise the ball, thus you are using a lot more muscles than when exercising directly on a hard flat surface. In essence, you will be building strength in important core muscles without even knowing it!

An exercise ball can be of great benefit to many people and for many purposes. If you are pregnant then see our guide on how the exercise ball can help yo.

If you suffer from lower back pain then the fitness ball is ideal for you. It helps to strengthen your core muscles and improve your posture, and ultimately ease back pain.

If you just want to get fitter and perhaps lose some weight, then again the fitness ball is ideal. Check out our DVDs and Books on Gym Ball Exercises to learn some great new exercises to help you achieve your goal.

Exercise balls are great for general exercising either at home or in the gym. They’re perfect for strength and resistance training, as well as yoga and pilates. They can also be used for physiotherapy or rehabilitation.

And finally, THEY’RE FUN!

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